Water Sounds
The Great Stress Reducer

Have you ever sat beside a small outdoor fountain, listening to the gentle sounds of bubbling water? The experience is transfixing and if you listen carefully and let your imagination soar you may see yourself sitting beside the ocean as the waves gently roll to the sand. As your energy softens and the day feels gentler, childlike memories may surface as your cares drift away. Pay careful attention. You just might hear the cry of seagulls fluttering their wings, circling the water as they search for food. Take a deep breath and you can smell the salt air and feel the sea spray as it caresses your skin.

Does this sound like a place you would like to be? You can create this in your life at home or at work by visiting us at http://shop.bluworldusa.com/. There you can select from a huge selection of fabulous water fountains that will fill your space with the relaxing melody of falling water. What better way to block out the ambient noises that assault us all day long. The sound of water can help the body and the mind relax. This is not conjecture, how sounds can heal and soothe. It is based on scientific research. Jonathan Goldman, founder and director of the Sound Healers Association in Boulder Colorado, and author of the book, Healing Sounds, says, “The use of sound and music is the most ancient healing modality. Many cultures recognize the importance of sound as a healing power. In the ancient civilizations of India, the Orient, Africa, Europe and among the Aboriginals and American Indians, the practice of using sound to heal and achieve balance from within has existed for thousands of years. The Tibetans still use bells, chimes, bowls, and chanting as the foundation of their spiritual practice.

“In Bali, the echoing gamelan, gong, and drum are used in ceremonies to uplift and send messages. The Australian Aboriginals and Native American shamanists use vocal toning and repetitive sound vibration with instruments created from nature in sacred ceremony to adjust any imbalance of the spirit, emotions or physical being.

“The Priests of ancient Egypt knew how to use vowel sounds to resonate their energy centers or chakras. There is a direct link between different parts of the body and specific sounds. Such a technique appears extremely old, yet healing through sound goes back even further-at least as far back as Atlantis where the power of sound was combined with the power of crystal. It was practiced in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, Tibet, India, Athens and Rome for tens of thousands of years. Much of this information disappeared in the West, but it’s been re-emerging in the last two decades. “Collectively, our planetary ancestors have left many clues as to how the nature of sound and vibration is the fundamental force that creates, sustains , and destroys everything in the universe. The overwhelming conclusions of these ancient seekers of wisdom led to the proliferation of prayers, incantations, mantras, drumming, and singing and music found throughout humanity. Many specific sounds were found to accelerate healing and propel consciousness, while others fostered trance, relaxation, and tranquility.”

Let the sounds of water be your relaxation transformer.