Selecting your Water Fountain
While it may seem challenging to choose from Bluworld HÔMelements complete range of indoor and outdoor water features, the choice can be made simpler by breaking it down into a series of individual decisions. Even if the fountain you want can't be found among their wall mounted waterfalls, decorative tabletop waterfalls, free standing floor fountains, and indoor and outdoor water features, Bluworld was one of the pioneers of early custom waterfall design and their staff can assist you with putting together your own custom water feature for whatever décor you are trying to fit. 

One of the early decisions to be made about indoor waterfalls is the type of mount it will have. For freestanding water features, center mounts can be placed against a wall or further into a room where the water fountain can be viewed from the front or back, while a rear mount fountain is better placed against a wall, since it can only be viewed from the front. In general both types of freestanding waterfalls can be used indoors or out; although, they should not be used outdoors when temperatures are below freezing. BluWorld also offers wall mounted water fountains and tabletop fountains which are perfect for smaller spaces. 

Once you know which mount your fountain will have, you will need to choose from a wide selection of finishes and colors. There are copper fountains, powder coated aluminum fountains, stainless steel waterfalls, mirrored waterfalls and fiberglass fountains that look like marble, slate and other natural stone. With all of these choices, it should be no problem to find the perfect color and finish to match the décor of your home or office. 

Many of the freestanding interior water fountains available come in a variety of sizes ranging from four to ten feet. While the tabletop and wall mounted fountains may be slightly more limited in terms of the range of available sizes, there are still a few options available with each design. Whether you are choosing a water fountain for a tight office space or an expansive garden, you will find the perfect size and style to fit your needs. 

When you have settled on the mount, color, finish and size of your fountain, you will probably find that you are down to one or possibly two fountains to choose from. When you get to this point, assuming you have more than one to choose from, your best bet is to look at the pictures of your final choices and visualize them in your space.