In With the New, Out With the Old

The history of water fountains dates back thousands of years to Ancient Greek times, whether they were used to commemorate the gods and goddesses or to decorate and influence the people of the time, these fountains had spectacular impact on society. Many of the most famous fountains were constructed from the 1600’s to the 1700’s, an abundance of the fountains constructed in the 1800’s to 1900’s copied classical designs of earlier years. The newer fountains come in more complex, intricate, and unique designs in which viewers and customer’s imaginations can be fulfilled and created in reality.

Bluworld of Water® had its beginnings in 1997 when two brothers who grew up on the ocean and rivers around Titusville, Florida and discovered a love for water at early ages. These two men had great ambitions and strove for excellence in the unique art and creating spectacular designs using the tranquility and soothing aspects of the most abundant resource on the planet, water. Not only have large businesses taken the step toward implementing these amazing and unique designs into their places of business, but homeowners have also chosen to experience the peacefulness and welcoming of these features.

What more could you ask for tranquility, calming, and the most soothing experience in your place of business whether for employees, customers, or even your own home, these designs are sure to attract the eye of the viewer. Fountains have been around for many, many years and have yet to hurt even the most successful civilizations. You too can experience this, this is the time to visit Bluworld HŌMelements™ to place your own imaginations right into your eyes.