Elegant and Affordable Indoor Waterfalls

For the frugal consumer yet chic homemaker, affordable and stylish home or office indoor waterfalls is a dream that can be realized. Made from lightweight artificial materials, these inexpensive waterfalls are available in many styles starting with large decorative waterfalls to smaller decorative desktop fountains. Modern innovation and a freer market allowed manufacturers and designers to create expensive looking fountains at a fraction of their original prices.

Water features are great decorations that turn homes and offices into stunning dwellings. Aside from their obvious aesthetic qualities, they also provide other benefits: Water in the fountain produce particles called negative ions when they are moving or flowing. These particles act like air filters, attracting dust particles, and removing them - resulting in cleaner air.

Indoor waterfalls also provide wonderful settings for relaxation activities such as meditation and yoga. The hum of moving water serves as natural white noise that blocks out surrounding noise.

Water features can stand as an independent accessory or juxtaposed with other home decors. The wall-mounted styles are excellent example of this versatility. The larger models are excellent focal pieces while the smaller ones easily fit in places where space is a challenge and blend nicely with existing decors. Another model that shares this unique quality is the tabletop fountain. Tabletop designs are adornments that will look great atop any table or mantle. One feature that makes them extremely desirable is they are lightweight, making them easy to move.

There are all sorts of ways that you can enhance your home with indoor waterfalls. Since not all models come with built in lighting, one very popular idea is to adorn them with lights. Adding lights to the fountain only enhanced their appearance but also help creates calming, soothing, and romantic environment for the room.

Another accessory that you can embellish your fountain is to display an assortment of rocks, for larger models and stones for smaller units. Depending on what type of style you want to create, adding items associated with a particular theme can really raise the aesthetic quality of the fountain at the same time help you create the look that you want.

Flowers such as orchids and succulents added to the mix create an exotic feel. Designers and homeowners as well as manufacturers are beginning to incorporate music into the whole production of water fountains. Imagine the impact that it will bring not only to the entire place but also to how we feel when relaxing along with our favorite indoor waterfall.

Easy Methods to Maintain your Indoor Waterfall

  • Maintain the water level at least above the water pump but below the hole where the wires run through.

  • Clean the mirror or glass on your water feature once a week. Drain and clean the water feature once every three to four months if you are using distilled water. If you live in an area with hard water, we recommend that you drain the fountain every six to twelve weeks. After draining, wipe the inside of the reservoir and frame with a rag.

  • Let your water feature run continuously for 24-hours every day. This will discourage algae growth in standing water and will minimize the wear and tear from turning it on and off. More importantly, this will also prevent mineral buildup on the surface of the fountain. As the surface dry, sediment can remain which can build up over time when water evaporates.