Commercial Water Fountains

Imagine entering an office building and hearing the sounds of hundreds of feet on the marble floors, the chatter of voices as people rush to push that elevator button that will take them to the offices where they work, or take them to an appointment. Now imagine that there is another sound you will hear, the gentle, soothing sounds of a waterfall, cascading in the background, taking you, if only for a moment in time, to a place of lush green mountainsides. That is what you can create by adding a wall fountain to your business environment. It will not only be beautiful, but it will send the message that You care about the people that enter your environment. The presence of water, bubbling and spilling, is a serene representation of nature. If you are in the design phase and working on your floor plans, then this is the perfect time to sit down with us. We will work with your architect or interior designer to select that perfect wall fountain for your building. We have 8 foot and 10 foot high water fountains surrounded by black Onyx, with clear glass, Copper Vein with bronze mirrors, or clear glass, and stainless with clear glass.

Now let’s turn our attention to your office space. You can create a similar environment in a smaller space. When a client walks into your office and is waiting in the reception area, the sounds of soothing water will send the message that you have taken time to consider the space in which you work. What could be more fabulous than walking into a doctor’s office, and while you are waiting to be called, you are being lulled by the tinkling sounds of a waterfall created by a wall-mounted or floor fountain? Our smaller fountains are pieces of art, and the various sizes will insure that whatever space you have, Bluworld will be able to fulfill your needs. For less than the cost of a new television you can bring serenity into your offices!

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