Changing the Way We Decorate with Water Fountains

Home and garden designs have changed. Aside from the traditional accessories and furniture pieces, there are now water feature designs that are redefining how we decorate, live and use water. These timeless water features have the capacity to transform any home interior or garden into elegant showcases providing entertainment and relaxation.

The benefits that waterfalls bring to our homes and us are innumerable. For instance, water brings healing qualities that promote wellness and rejuvenation to the body. The delightful ambience it provides is worthy of its place inside the home or outside in the garden.

Many homeowners are looking beyond the traditional accessories to decorate their living spaces. There are several styles to select from – simple to futuristic: tubes, globes, and abstract forms are freestanding decorative pieces that will enhance any interior or outdoor space. There are also wall and floor fountains. These designs are clean, understated and functional and the choice of many homeowners and designers. Amongst the favorite finishes are stainless steel and bronze.

Fountains made of copper, slate, wood and other natural materials are popular choices, too. Black slate, copper, glass, and mirrored waterfalls provide a more dramatic feel to any room while bamboo, ceramic or stone provides an exotic atmosphere or a touch of the Orient.

Installing a water feature in your home is easy. Some manufacturers offer free advice about design and installation. Books and magazines are useful during the selection process as well as photographs of places that have water features can certainly eliminate a lot of confusion on which style and what type of design to bring into your present living spaces.

As soon as you have installed the water feature, maintaining it can seem like a challenge but it really is very simple and is important if you want to get many years of enjoyment out of your fountain. Some handy tips to keep in mind: